Campus Programs


Campus Programs – BBA & MBA

Simmons Energy | A Division of Piper Sandler℠ recruits from a variety of campuses across the nation to seek out the best and brightest. We pride ourselves on original thinking and proactively uncovering the opportunities that best suit our clients' financial and strategic objectives.

Analyst Programs

Our analyst internship program and our two-year investment banking analyst program provide an environment conducive to building professional skills and financial acumen. As a result of our broad focus and expertise, our analysts have the unique opportunity to become familiar with not only investment banking but with the energy industry as a whole. Analysts who have completed our program go on to become very successful in both industry and private equity, as well as being placed at the top business schools across the country.

Associate Internship

Our associate internship is available for those professionals seeking an investment banking internship during the summer following their first year of business school. We offer a 10 week summer program where associate interns are staffed on active deals throughout the internship. All projects are organized on a team basis and typically include a managing director, a director and/or a vice president, an associate, an analyst and associated support staff. We actively recruit at a variety of campuses looking for students with diverse pre-MBA backgrounds and a strong undergraduate academic performance. The professionals we hire have a commonality among them: high ethical standards, an excellent work ethic, willingness to be team players and an overarching intellectual capacity and curiosity.


When hiring a Simmons Energy | A Division of Piper Sandler℠ associate, we are looking for individuals that are seeking a career commitment. Simmons actively recruits using a targeted approach searching for professionals that have a desire to take on significant responsibility and show a commitment to excellence. An associate can expect to have immediate and substantial client contact, including written and verbal presentations. With the Simmons emphasis on analysis, an associate should anticipate considerable quantitative work.

Our associates are self-motivated and show both initiative and the desire to work hard. Our professionals come from remarkably diverse backgrounds, all with the same intent: to provide our clients with the most in-depth financial and strategic advice with an unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity at all times.

Fall recruiting for both the analyst and associate levels typically begins each year in late August.

Spring recruiting for all internship levels typically opens each year in late Fall.

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